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miercuri, 27 februarie 2008




National Museum Network of Romania is an institutional network (consisting in public or private institutions that activate in the museum area), with national representation, which aims to support and develop the life of museums, focusing its activities on cultural heritage, cultural tourism and on the professional training in this field.

The network shall try to find solutions for the challenges in the national and European cultural museum-connected policies field, acting through a policy sustained by a lobby for the rights of the NMNR members.In its strategic approach, the network shall rely mainly on the suggestions and on the recommendations that come from the visitors in the museums. Also, the network will count on its members, on their intellectual and professional qualities and also on the external collaborators that will be grouped in a consultation team (experts) that intends to cooperate on the themes and topics of common interest for the museum bodies.

NMNR will generally focus on spreading information and ideas, shall learn from the others’ experience, shall pay attention to the cultural policies in this sector and will try to solve the needs of the museum operators. This will be possible through partnerships, projects and common activities, through wide expertise in the field of museum management and project management.





shall make use of one of the biggest competitive advantages – the work in a national and international context (through affiliation to Networking of European Museum Organizations) for building flexibility, disseminating information and developing a collective know-how in the interior of a wide coverage network.


NMNR came to life for solving two essential problems of the Romanian cultural field:



  • was the only one among the EU member or candidate countries that didn’t have a national network of all the museum and museum - related entities;
  • didn’t have a network that could support and answer the needs of the museum operators in their relation with the local, regional and national authorities, a network that could sustain them in the struggle for structuring a new efficient cultural policy in this field and in developing the museum.

NMNR is affiliated to one of the biggest pan-European museum networks, Networking of European Museum Organizations.


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